The concept of healthy competition

The concept of healthy competition

Healthy competition

When most people think about competition, they think about winning. And winning means that somebody else has to lose, right?


One of the benefits of the martial arts is how it helps students see that competition doesn’t always have to be a win/lose scenario. Often there are win/win opportunities, if we simply take the time to look for them.

After all, what is winning to a martial artist? Is it getting a trophy? Is it improving a technique or learning a form? Is it competing with spirit and integrity?

Now I’m not saying that everyone is getting a trophy. In our competitions there is a 1st place winner, a 2nd place winner, and so on. One person will have the best performance and will win the competition. But does that make everyone else who put forth effort and challenged themselves a loser? Only if the goal was winning a 1st place trophy.

But if the goal was to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and experience growth, then anyone who competed is a winner in that regard. In fact, when you compete as a way of developing your technique and spirit, you leave the competition with something much more valuable and longer lasting than a trophy or medal.

When you stop and think about what “winning” actually means, you may find that it has a lot less to do with beating others and more about improving yourself.

And when competition is viewed as a means for personal improvement, the opportunities for win/win situations become much more plentiful.

See you on the mats!

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